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 What is loopring crypto

Loopring is an Ethereum (Layer-2) zk-rollup protocol. This Layer-2 protocol is what powers the applications built on top of it, allowing them to enjoy the security + stability of Ethereum (Layer-1) but with much faster speeds (near instant swaps/transfers) + much lower fees (no gas!)

What is built on top of Loopring zk-rollup protocol? There are two main products built on top of the Loopring protocol:

1) Loopring Exchange (web DEX) - swaps, orderbooks, AMMs, transfers - Loopring - Ethereum Layer2 - connect w/ Metamask, Ledger, or any other wallet w/ WalletConnect

2) Loopring Smart Wallet (mobile) - smart contract wallet (mobile app) that has the Loopring Exchange baked in - Loopring - Ethereum Layer2 - providing users with the best mobile security for their crypto assets - no easy to lose pass phrases - extra protections like Social Recovery (guardians) - daily limits / ability to lock wallet if lost/stolen

Loopring crypto Price Prediction

Reports and analyst predicts that the price of Loopring crypto will cross the $10 mark within the fourth quarter of 2022.

Currently its price stand at $3.5 & thats the reason of its high expectations

Will the Loopring (LRC) crypto reach $1,000 USD by 2022?

More and more investors are expected to take the lead in algorithmic and high-frequency trading, be it individual or institutional.

In 2022 the Loopring price is expected to cross an average price level of $89.73, the expected minimum price value of Loopring (LRC) crypto by the end of the current year should be $86.52. Moreover LPT can reach a maximum price level of $106.32, but Loopring LRC crypto unlikely reach $1,000 USD by 2022.

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